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Developing Revolutionary Ventilator Technology

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About Us

Ventis Medical was founded under the clinical guidance of Glenn W Laub MD, a cardiac surgeon and co-founder of Defibtech who recognized the need for a low-cost easy-to-use ventilator after watching several patients deteriorate either while waiting for a ventilator, or while even well-trained respiratory therapists struggled to navigate complex device interfaces during emergency scenarios.  


Our unique mix of clinical, engineering, and product expertise allows us to deliver a novel solution. At Defibtech, Glenn W Laub MD and his team brought a novel line of AEDs and CPR devices to market and won numerous medical design awards for usability, technical excellence, and value. Our team includes a team of technical leads from Defibtech, clinicians, experienced engineers who are passionate about expanding accessibility of lifesaving technology.

About Us

Focus Areas

Emergency Preparedness

Help hospitals and governments worldwide close the gap in ventilator stockpiles to address extended COVID-19 pandemic in underserved areas, augment existing transport ventilators, and avoid future crisis

Expanded Ventilator Access

Expand access to ventilators by replacing manual devices in situations where ventilators are the preferred treatment for patient care, but today are not available due to cost and usability 

Focus Areas

Removing Limitations to Accessibility 

Our solution is the only device positioned to remove limitations not only on cost, but also on extensive training in order to deliver lifesaving care where Bag Valve Devices are used today

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Risks Associated With Bag Valve Devices

When ventilators are not available, doctors must resort to Bag Valve Devices (BVDs) which require an operator to manually squeeze 500mL of air every 5 seconds, or potentially forego lifesaving care.

Lack of built-in
controls with no patient feedback
No patient feedback
Easy to deliver incorrect ventilation

Our Advantages

Simple enough for anyone to use.  Comprehensive enough for experts to deliver complex care.


Settings automatically configured for common emergency situations

Quality Care

Delivers most common ventilatory modes (including AC and SIMV)

Ease of Use

Medical professionals can use with minimal training


Non bag-valve solution


Reliable and lightweight, with battery power for transport


Contact Us

We want to hear from you! For inquiries about our product, please fill out the following form, call 609-373-6229, or send us an email to and we will get back to your shortly.

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